Friday, May 01, 2009

Another Obama Administration mistake???

Read the following link..looks like someone at the State Department is screwing things up between Israel and the Arab World (as if things were not screwed up as is), courtesy of the Arab News:

King/Peres Meeting?

If you want to piss off the Arab World to no end, keep on doing this stuff, Barry.

A few other items of news from KSA:

Marriage, Saudi-Style annulled

Arab News editorial on the end of the British Mission in Iraq

I've been out and about after work and on the "weekends" (Thursday and Friday) here in Riyadh - yesterday I went to the local Harley-Davidson dealer in Riyadh (Five year anniversary of opening in Riyadh) - picked up a couple of T-shirts and a ballcap. The owner was very gracious towards the visitors in the showroom and was having a sale on riding gear and other items - a raffle for a new Harley and a H-D soft drink vending machine. While I was paying at the counter, a young lady was raising hell with the guys ringing up customers about the freebies they were giving out (keychain and pen). She later came up to Glen, one of the guys I work with, and rolled back her burhka and talked directly to him (a big taboo in KSA) perfect English! We got the impression that Dad was the front man with the bankroll, the son designed some of the bikes that were sold there, but she was the brains of the operation...Women will be the voice of change here in the immediate future, and I would not be surprised if she was one of the leaders...