Thursday, April 09, 2009

Some news from Saudi Arabia...

Here are a few newsworthy items from the Arab News (English language paper in KSA):

11 Al-Qaeda suspects arrested

End of Life debate

One other newsworthy item....about a week ago, there was a murder at a local store, about a mile from the compound. The murderer was the store owner - he had an obsession with a 11 year old boy who lived near by (pictures of the boy taken with a cell phone were found on the suspect's computer). The father of the boy sent him to the store to pick up a few items for dinner; when the boy got to the store, he was sexually assaulted and choked to death by the owner. The father, wondering where his son was, went to the store and found his son dead on the floor. He confronted the store owner, who proceeded to kill the father with a meat cleaver, then locked up the store and escaped. Members of the family found the father and son at the store, and called the police, who were successful in apprehending the store owner.

According to my Saudi co-worker, the suspect, if found guilty (an almost sure thing) will be executed - and supposedly in the neighborhood where it happened. As you are aware, execution is done by decapitation, and it is a public event. What is not known by many Westerners is that there are two types of execution - the typical "Hollywood" style of execution, and a slower version (that many Westerner's that have been captives of the Taliban and Al Qaeda)...

I wonder what the ACLU would think about that?

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PCD said...

Too bad we don't have swift and sure justice here in the States. Mumia is still breathing and shouldn't be.

Thanks for the reference. Let me know by email if there is anything else I can do for you.